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This is my personal blog where I reblog things that interest me.
I also upload some of My Art here.

Posts tagged feelings

Mar 26 '12

is it wrong to be good jelly and bad jelly towards a friend’s art? :’( I feel like a douche either way.

And It’s worse sense I can’t say it to their face because I think I will offend them….WHICH IS WORSE BECAUSE IM PUTTING IT ON TUMBLR FJDSKLAJF

so if you read this you might know who you are and I love you bunches but I’m really jealous okay? :’( I’m just a coward and I can’t say it to your face, wish I could because secrets are baaad and I don’t like keeping things from you! This post might be doing more wrong than good…..I’m sorry….I just…I’m a mood ruiner… orz

Mar 26 '12
Mar 26 '12
Feb 29 '12
Feb 10 '12

Feb 1 '12
Jan 29 '12
Jan 21 '12

shit why are there so many people here ugh ugh No go away I just wanna take a shower and be around the house


Jan 4 '12