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Pokemon: Ho-Oh
Trainer: Evelyn

  •  Best bros with Chiko
  • Very optimistic about almost everything
  • Despite their polar opposite natures, he’s great friends and rivals with Silver
  • Doesn’t show up often since he wanders off a lot, but when he shows up he brings back spoils
  • Hates violence
  • Not trusted to babysit kids since he can’t say no to their precious faces
  • Pretty lazy
  • Gives many words of wisdom, but often messes them up
  • Kokoro is inspired by Maeda Keiji from Sengoku BASARA.

Kokoro is the first legendary Evelyn captures, and although he preferred not to be named, Evelyn insisted on giving him a special nickname to symbolize their friendship. Because of that, she named him Kokoro, meaning “Heart.” He stayed with Evelyn and her team for a while to guide and support them, but more often than not he would break away from the group to venture off on his own to enjoy his freedom. When he would come back, he’d bring with him information on opportunities for adventure as well as gifts for everybody he picked up along the way.